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Trump Whines To Rallygoers: ‘COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID – That’s All I Hear About Now, It’s All I Hear’

Trump had his Marie Antoinette moment during a rally in North Carolina, complaining he’s so sick of all the COVID19 talk.
By John Amato

Trump whined and complained like a doddering fool that all the media talks about is COVID, and he’s sick of it, even as the news broke that Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff and many of his other aides tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Saturday in Lumberton, North Carolina, Trump finally had his Marie Antoinette moment.

After moronically claiming that the Democrats want to prolong the pandemic, Trump mockingly said this:

“That’s all I hear about now, it’s all I hear. Turn on television, right?”

He ranted, “COVID, COVID. COVID, COVID, COVID. COVID. A plane goes down, 500 people dead, they don’t talk about it. COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID!”

Trump said this on Saturday, after Friday’s horrific record breaking COVID case day.

According to the coronavirus heat map from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, which keeps the official reported count of COVID cases and deaths, Friday saw the U.S. shatter the record of 77,362 cases that were reported on July 16. Friday saw 83,757 new cases reported, and there were 945 confirmed deaths from COVID-19.

Yet, Trump continued being pissed at hearing about the pandemic, and lied, “By the way, on November fourth you won’t hear about it anymore.”

Then Trump yelled it out again, “COVID!”

“COVID! Please don’t go and vote COVID. Please do not under any circumstance, you cannot go out and vote.”

I was waiting for this addled-brained moron to say, “Let them eat cake, while they go back to school and work!” regardless of if they get infected and die, because that’s the real stimulus America needs.

This behavior is truly sick, and a main reason why this highly infectious virus is still rampaging through America.

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