Martha Raddatz Calls Out Ex-Trump Aide To His Face: All The Reasonable Staffers Are ‘Gone’

By David 6/10/18 7:25am ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz gave an honest assessment of Donald Trump’s advisers on Sunday while sitting next to Tom Bossert, the former Homeland Security Advisor to Trump. During an panel discussion on ABC News, Raddatz pointed out that Trump was not following diplomatic protocol for his meeting with North Korean leader

Watch: Fox News host Tucker Carlson gets confused about gas prices — and guest humiliates him with simple explanation

MARTIN CIZMAR 25 MAY 2018 AT 20:40 ET   Fox News host Tucker Carlson apparently became confused about commodity prices and taxes on his Friday night show, humiliating himself as he attempted to paint Democrats as “hypocrites” for favoring a light tax on oil when it was at low rates during the Obama administration while criticizing President

RFK Jr. doesn’t believe the ‘official story’ that Sirhan Sirhan shot his father alone — and wants a new investigation

“There were too many bullets. You can’t fire 13 shots out of an eight-shot gun.” BOB BRIGHAM 26 MAY 2018 AT 10:33 ET Robert Kennedy, Jr. has concluded there may have been a second gunman and is now publicly urging a re-investigation into the assassination his father, Sen. Robert Kennedy (D-NY), The Washington Post reported Saturday. After months

Harley-Davidson workers stunned by plant closure after tax cut

The iconic company announced that it was slashing hundreds of jobs despite expecting to reap huge benefits from the new tax law. by Gabe Gutierrez and Annie Rose Ramos / May.23.2018 / 4:39 PM ET / Updated May.23.2018 / 5:54 PM ET Tim Primeaux has worked at the Harley-Davidson plant in Kansas City, Missouri, for 17 years. He was sure

Trump’s Curious Pardon of Former Heavyweight Champ Jack Johnson

by Allen Barra As you no doubt heard—or maybe you didn’t in the latest flurry of scandals and outrages—President Trump has posthumously pardoned former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. A more perfect match between president and African-American icon could not be imagined. Born in 1878—or sometime around then (there are no surviving records)—Johnson grew up in the port city

‘We’re closed!’: Trump vents his anger over immigration at homeland security secretary

By Josh Dawsey and Nick MiroffMay 24 at 5:41 PMEmail the author President Trump began berating Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Oval Office earlier this spring, according to administration officials, griping about her performance and blaming her for a surge in illegal border crossings. Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who installed her in the job,

Why did anyone ever take Trump’s North Korea diplomacy seriously?

Trump lies and says nonsense all the time. We need to remember that. By Matthew  May 24, 2018, 10:30am EDT The White House announced Thursday morning that it is canceling the planned summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in light of statements from the North Korean government that make it clear that Pyongyang is not, in

Chris Cuomo Shreds Rep. Peter King’s Lies: ‘I Can’t Believe You’re Saying That’

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) asserted on Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is improper because there is no evidence of any wrongdoing. During an interview on CNN, host Chris Cuomo challenged King after he argued that Republicans were being “stonewalled” in the investigation into an FBI “spy” that President Donald Trump says infiltrated

The 14 most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lines from Donald Trump’s ‘Fox & Friends’ interview

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large Updated 2:37 PM ET, Thu May 24, 2018 (CNN) President Donald Trump sat down with “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade in Long Island on Wednesday afternoon, an interview the network aired Thursday morning. It wasn’t hard-hitting (you didn’t expect it to be unless you have lived on another planet for

‘Panicked’ Trump Roundly Mocked After Parroting Fox News Conspiracy Theory in Unhinged Monday Morning Meltdown

He tweeted it 7 times in an hour. By David Badash / The New Civil Rights Movement The American president used to be considered the leader of the free world. As such, any president of the United States should have access to the absolute best: the best intelligence, the best advisors, and, if necessary, the best attorneys. But