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Have you ever dreamed as a kid of what you would do with infinite money? A young girl from Houston tried it, spending over $745,000 after borrowing her dad’s credit card without his permission, buying fourteen ponies, twenty-one kittens, seven puppies, a carrousel, and over $300,000 in toys.

41-year old Michael Murphy, a project manager for a major oil company, thought someone was pranking him when he received a phone call from deliverymen asking if he wanted them to bring his brand new merry-go-round up to his 7th-floor apartment.

But over the next few hours, he received a series of other phone calls concerning more than 200 deliveries, including several animals, electric vehicles for kids, toys, and princess dresses.

“After a few calls, it suddenly hit me and I checked my wallet. I saw my business credit card was gone, so I hurried home and found it in my daughter’s bedroom.”

Mr. Murphy’s 7-year old daughter had snatched his card last weekend and made purchases of more than $700,000 in less than 4 hours while he was working in the backyard.

“It’s ridiculous! We live in a three-bedroom apartment on the 7th floor of a building, and she bought enough animals to start a farm and enough toys to fill a mansion.”

Michael Murphy says his daughter is too young to really understand the value of money and had no idea what she was doing when she spent a total of $745,548.57 online in less than four hours.

Mr. Murphy’s employer has undertaken measures to get the transactions annulled, a process that could take a few days.

In the meantime, he still gets frequent phone calls concerning new deliveries and must find room for the dozens of packages that have already arrived.

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