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“Reverend Bill Millen – Televangelist for Trump”


It’s really no big secret that the Religious Right has been a vital source of the Republican Party’s political power in the last 30 years. Religious conservatives have helped the GOP maintain its dominance in the south, and they even turned out in droves to support thrice-married, womanizing, pussy-grabbing President-Elect Donald Trump. At first, it might seem particularly odd that Trump would get the support of the Religious Right, considering they were the group most concerned with the oral sex activities of presidents back in the 1990’s. But times do indeed change.

In this video, we meet Rev. Bill Millen. He’s a Televangelist for Trump. If you’re one of the many millions of Americans who can’t quite figure out what the Religious Right would see in Donald Trump, then Rev. Millen may be able to help you get answers to that very question. Enjoy!

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