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Sorry, Religious Idiots, But If Jesus Is The Only Path To Salvation, Would He Even Forgive A Sinner Like Me?

As an atheist, it really gets under my skin how Christians just don’t seem to understand basic logical arguments. Instead of forming their beliefs rationally, they insist on living in a fantasy world full of contradictions and lies. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble here, idiots, but it’s time for me to shut down this religious BS once and for all: If Jesus is the only path to salvation, would He even forgive a sinner like me?

Game, set, and match.

If I’m to believe all the crap that these zealots like to spout, then the way only to find holy redemption is through the love of Jesus Christ. But here’s a question that religion conveniently fails to answer: Could Christ’s love ever extend to a soul as fallen as mine? In my life, I have frequently strayed from God’s path. I’ve lied. I’ve had premarital sex. I’ve even stolen once or twice. Could the kingdom of heaven ever open its gates to someone who has lost his way like I have? Yeah, didn’t think so, idiots.

Look, I’ll suspend disbelief for a second here. Let’s pretend a sinner like me actually could find salvation. For something that ridiculous to happen, you would need literally the most loving and forgiving God imaginable. He would need to have infinite wisdom, not to mention the compassion to absolve me of a whole slew of sins, including jealousy, taking His name in vain—the list goes on. Are you still going to argue that even I, a lamb who has wandered so far from the flock, could be redeemed?

Face it, Holy Rollers: Your precious religion crumbles when you start to apply basic logic. If some Bible-thumper ever came knocking on my door asking if I’ve accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, all I’d have to do is ask, “Um, has Jesus accepted me into his heart?” and then I could just sit back and enjoy the shocked looks on their faces as they struggle to come up with an answer.

Oh, and by the way, have any of you Jesus freaks ever actually read the Bible? Because it makes absolutely no sense. For example, the Bible says that we are all children of God—but do you really think God could ever accept a person like me as His son, considering that I have sinned? It’s like you people don’t even think.

Look, religious idiots, if you want to believe in all this holy salvation nonsense, go right ahead. But until you can explain how a sinner like me could ever find a path to the Lord, I’m just not buying it.

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