35-Year-Old Man Sues His Mother After Being Evicted From Basement Of Her Home

Duane Hollingsworth shuffles around the cramped confines of his temporary home–a tiny 5th wheel trailer filled with boxes containing clothes, personal effects, and other meager belongings. After spending his entire life dwelling in the basement of his mother’s home, she had finally become fed up with her unmotivated son and gave Hollingsworth the boot.

The unemployed 35-year-old who has never lived on his own was clearly distressed when I spoke with him Wednesday. “She’s destroyed my life”, he exclaimed bitterly, staring at the photo in his clenched fist; A photograph of his family during happier times.

Duane has 3 younger siblings who have since gone on with their lives and become successful, driven adults, but Duane’s life just never seemed to take off. He remained content with frittering away his days playing video games and watching anime cartoons; Things that are mostly enjoyed by children. Duane is an adult male who just absolutely refuses to grow up.

After the death of Duane’s father 2 years ago, his mother Janice gave him an ultimatum: Either get a full-time job, enroll in college, or find somewhere else to live. After a handful of paltry attempts to secure employment at various fast-food establishments, it was clear that Duane would rather spend his time nestled among My Little Pony figurines in a musky basement than actually work for a living.

“It was clear he wasn’t serious about making a living for himself”, Janice explained. “He always had some excuse and frankly all these excuses were wearing very thin. I just wanted him out so I could enjoy retirement after having lost my husband. He was becoming an enormous financial burden and didn’t seem to care. Duane wouldn’t budge. He would frequently lash out and blame his siblings and myself for his lot in life.”

Eventually the moment of reckoning finally arrived in January of this year. Janice gave Duane 30 days to find somewhere else to live. “It was 30 days of pure hell. He stormed around the house screaming and crying. I could not believe what a spoiled brat he was at 35 years years of age! He always resented me for having more children after he was born. I suppose he just thought he would be the baby forever, but that clearly is not a healthy way for an adult to live.”

Duane finally found a tiny trailer for rent on the outskirts of town. He is currently supporting himself by selling off his vintage action figures and other collectibles on Ebay. He has also began taking steps to sue his own mother for damages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma and illegal eviction, all to the tune of 750k.

“I have PTSD now”, he exclaimed during our short interview. Duane sat across from me looking distressed and disheveled, wearing grimy gray sweatpants and a threadbare Power Rangers t-shirt which was clearly too small for his hulking frame. “My mother is going to pay for kicking me out! I had squatter’s rights! That was my lifelong home and my mother did nothing but torture me the whole time I was there! My parents neglected me when my other siblings were born so I totally deserve to stay there as long as I want! Nobody knows the hell I have endured!”

When questioned about the impending lawsuit being served up by her own son, Janice just shakes her head. “He only has himself to blame for his situation and obviously, he’s going to lose. Our only crime was being too nice and enabling this sort of behavior. Unfortunately, by coddling a weakling for far too long, I created a monster.”

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