Everyone’s dragging Tomi Lahren for insisting she’s a “real person” on Hannity.

In what We’ll now refer to as Watergate (that’s not taken, right?), Fox News contributor and NRA Barbie Tomi Lahren had a glass of water flung at her by a stranger in a restaurant while Lahren was out with her parents. Of course, in the Republicans’ camp, much was made of this supposedly horrible treatment. Everyone’s dragging Tomi Lahren for insisting she’s a “real person” on Hannity.was a guest on Sean Hannity’s show, where he praised her for handling this travesty with such grace, and asked her how “hard” it was for her and her parents. People, we’re talking about water, here. Water.
Lahren claimed that the incident was “humiliating” and posited that people “forget that [she’s] a real person.” I don’t think that’s quite the case. I think people do remember she’s a real person, with horrible values and racist ideals, and that’s why some feel driven to do things like throw water on her.

Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young woman! @foxandfriends

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 23, 2018
President Trump even tweeted his support for Lahren, saying “Everybody is with Tomi Lahren.” Well, clearly not everybody. Just take a look Twitter.

donald trump has shown more compassion for tomi lahren getting half a glass of water spilled on her, than victims of school shootings.

— Hasan Piker (@hasanthehun) May 23, 2018
Never forget that Trump never tweeted about James Shaw or Stephon Clark or the men who were arrested at Starbucks but he rapidly tweeted a full-throated defense of Tomi Lahren after she had a little water thrown at her in a restaurant.

— Touré (@Toure) May 23, 2018
As much as I dislike Tomi Lahren, I believe it’s wrong to throw a drink at her. In fact, as a peace offering, I think someone should offer her a refreshing glass of water from, oh, let’s say, Flint, Michigan.

— Frank Conniff (@FrankConniff) May 23, 2018
why would a decent upstanding mature person throw a cup of water at tomi lahren when there is plenty of trash just laying around, for free

— KT NELSON (@KrangTNelson) May 23, 2018
Conservatives: Waterboarding is cool and not torture

[1 week later]

Conservatives: Tomi Lahren getting water on her arm is violence

— Jules (@Julian_Epp) May 23, 2018
This Tomi Lahren story is bullshit.

There should have been a good guy with a glass of water there to stop it. Why was she so defenseless? Was she expecting it? How many doors were there?

— Jack Miller (@politicalmiller) May 24, 2018
If Donald really cared about someone assaulting Tomi Lahren with water he would throw paper towels at her.

— m i t h (@ManInTheHoody) May 24, 2018
I blame the movies. If we hadn’t taught children that throwing water at witches would make them melt, Tomi Lahren would be dry right now.

— Ira (@ira) May 23, 2018
Yes Tomi Lahren is a racist, yes she is bad for America, yes she is going to hell. Did she deserve to get water thrown on her? Hell yeah she did

— IMPEACH TRUMP (@2020_obama) May 23, 2018
I agree that she sucks, but if you throw water on Tomi Lahren after midnight you get a bunch of Ann Coulters, gotta be careful

— Stu (@RandBallsStu) May 23, 2018
Wait – somebody threw water at Tomi Lahren? Is the water ok?

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) May 23, 2018
if you’re throwing water at Tomi Lahren and aren’t screaming “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU” repeatedly, then what’s the point

— Born Miserable (@bornmiserable) May 24, 2018
I just learned that Tomi Lahren was splashed with #water. Given that water is my field, I had the following reactions:
1. This is a waste of water.
2. Why didn’t she melt?
3. I’m sending her thoughts and prayers.

— Peter Gleick (@PeterGleick) May 23, 2018
As one person pointed out, this tragedy could easily have been avoided if there had just been a “good guy with a glass of water” there to save her.

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