It has come to my attention that there are a vast number of TV shows that have run their course over the years. There are just some shows that NEED to be cancelled, set on fire, and cast into the pits of hell never to be revived again! A vast majority of these shows are reality TV shows and sitcoms. It is such a shame that these poorly made shows are even called ‘entertainment’ these days as they provide no laughter from a real audience, nor do they entertain the masses.

Here are the top 5 TV shows that NEED to be cancelled immediately:

5.) NCIS: We’ve all seen at least one or two episodes of this show and every last one of them is predictable. Just like the Law and Order shows; every episode begins and ends the same. The characters on NCIS are also very predictable in their ‘quirky’ habits and even in their character flaws.


Never have I seen an episode that surprised me nor entertained me. For the predictability of the show’s plot, characters, and episode turnout I would suggest that this show be cancelled. It has long run it’s course and has no  further entertainment value to the masses.

4.) Sitcoms in General: In a more genre type way, every sitcom should immediately stop production and come to a screeching halt before the cast, producers, and directors all embarrass themselves! I cannot make it any more clear than this: Sitcoms are NOT funny anymore. The one sitcom that has ever entertained anyone was Seinfeld.



Anything after Seinfeld was a joke and provided no entertainment. The fake audience laughter after every single Jewish joke that no one gets is a little annoying. Especially, if the joke isn’t funny, which is an unfortunate fact with every sitcom. Because of the dry and very depressing nature of the genre of sitcoms throughout the years, I place sitcoms as a whole at number four on the list.

3.) Survivor: Oh my goodness, this show should have never ever made it passed it’s first season. Why are these shows even around still? What is the entertainment factor of them? Maybe I’m just stupid or too dense to understand this show, but I seriously do not understand why this show is still coming on the air in the year 2015? Please for the love of God cancel this show.There is seriously no reason why this show should still be airing.

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We all know it’s a scripted ‘reality’ show that rigs everything so that someone betrays someone else to get what they want. You can’t forget the drama of girls or guys fighting over the opposite sex only to ditch them later on. This show is simply played out as a poorly written Spanish soap opera with a crummy cast and no plot whatsoever. For this reason, Survivor has made it to number 3 on the list.

2.) True Blood: The trend of vampires since the big Twilight explosion has come and gone. This show only sprang up because of the trend in Vampires as well as other supernatural creatures. Unlike its counterpart “The Vampire Diaries”, True Blood at least had some substance that helped develop the story and actually made some pretty cool seasons.


It had its share of views and fans (after all, it’s an HBO production, which always have some form of quality standards) but now things seem to be going through tough times. And just from the very few episodes I’ve seen this show has come pretty close to blatant pornography a few times. But I digress, this show has run it’s course and quite frankly the trend of vampires has come to an end.

1.) Singing shows in General: These shows NEED to stop. The judges should go back to their careers of making “music” and the young “talent” they have on these shows aren’t talented. It’s so horrible! The X-Factor, American Idol, and The Voice all need to just stop. They aren’t encouraging anyone to sing or go out and make something for themselves using their “talent”. These shows are encouraging young kids to try and sing only to make a quick million and then suddenly become famous overnight and then we all end up with just another Justin Bieber. And we can’t have that!

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The judges that are picked for these shows are either Jewish or aren’t talented and they have no idea what talent is even if it slapped them in the face and kicked them in their privates. These shows have ruined the world of music for more than two decades and quite frankly I think that these shows killed great talent such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Not so much in a literal sense, but in a sense that these shows have shown kids and young adults that they don’t need to have talent nor do they have to try be talented in order to be “famous”. For this reason alone these kinds of shows have made it to number one.

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