EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Big Beautiful Border Wall First Section Completed in 4 Days Thanks to Mexican Illegals

Who can forget the huge promise President Trump made to the American people during his campaign:

Were gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” Now he’s attempting to fulfill

that promise. However, since Mexico said “no way Jose” to the proposal, Trump realized that he needed

a shitload of our tax money  to make his dream come true. But Democrats Pelosi and

Schumer argued that since they were in favor of allowing drugs, child molesters, and murderers into our

country anyway, there was a need for a wall, or any other security measures to protect our

country from an invasion of filthy immigrants.

Enter Bob Fussback, a great American patriot and loyal supporter of Donald Trump, who plans to use

private donations to build a border wall between the US and Mexico. Fussback has raised

over $20 in private donations from over 6 individuals so far, much to the liberals’ chagrin. Last month

Fussback announced the formation of a “Build that Wall”committee that included the likes of

talk radio host Michael Blowhard, and TV personality Bill O’Greedy and others. In May, the committee

held a “Build that Wall”rally to fundraising for the project.

Bill Dripp from KFU radio spoke with Fussback about the project. He told us,

The Democrats said you can’t do this. It’s impossible. You just can’t do this. Especially for a

manufactured crisis. And we are in a manufactured crisis.”

Fussback, a draft dodger who fled to Canada during the Vietnam War added, “We wanted to prove to

America that we will do anything for our beloved leader Donald Trump. And I think we’re

at the point where we realize that the current administration needs our support to avoid another

government shutdown.”

Fussback told us about organizing this project: “Our committee hired a couple of illegals and they just

built us an international border wall. So I think this sticks the thumb in everyone’s eye

who said we couldn’t do it. The mainstream media said it couldn’t be done.  But we proved them

wrong.  The time we built the wall in was 3 days. 3 days! We implemented it over the weekend

and got this wall built! And this is just the first segment!”

Fussback and former grand wizard of  the White Nationalism Society Skipper Crayfish are on the border

this weekend as this section of the wall goes up.

Bill Dripp from KKBR radio asked Fussback what he would say to President Trump if he could meet him.

“I would tell him that it’s wasn’t his fault the government was shut down back in December. It was

Pelosi and Schumer’s fault. The Republicans in the Senate say they are on Trump’s

side but they’re all just a bunch of RINOs. We started our own team and we’re getting it done.”

Fussback was also proud to share with us some good news, “There were a lot of doubters out there who

could not conceive of a private group building a border wall, They said harsh things

about”Build that Wall”  and we proved them wrong. So screw you liberals!”

The section of wall  “Build that Wall” focused on closes a 15 feet gap that existed for years between San

Ysidro, California and Tijuana.

Fussback explained that the current wall ends abruptly and then there’s gap for about six feet between

the end of that wall and a rock.

Fussback said, “The gap is near a tree on the Mexican side and then you walk ten steps and you are at

another tree on the American side. There’s no barbed wire. There’s not ANY barrier.You just walk from

one side to the other.” Groups of over eight to ten illegal aliens would cross over at a time. And while the

border patrol is dealing with all them the cartels are sending drugs across with no

border interference at all. The”Build that Wall” organization focuses on this major gap in American

security. They closed the gap that allowed the two illegal flows, the flow of illegal aliens at the tree and

the flow of drugs near a rock. Fussback told us, “The Army Corp of Engineers said it was too small an

area to build the wall here. We aim to prove them wrong.”

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