Jealous boy, 15, beheaded schoolmate, 16, for talking to his girlfriend

Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, left, was murdered and beheaded by Mathew Borges, right, after Borges grew jealous of the time Lee was spending with his girlfriend (Pictures: WCVB5)

A 15 year-old boy who beheaded a 16 year-old classmate for spending too much time with his girlfriend has been given two life sentences. Mathew Borges, now 18, was handed the two 30 year

prison terms, to run concurrently, after being convicted of the first-degree murder of Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino at a court in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on Tuesday. A judge refused to set a

minimum prison term because of Borges’ age when he committed the crime in November 2016, meaning he may be eligible for parole in years to come. Any adult convicted of first-degree murder

in Massachusetts is automatically sentenced to life behind bars. Borges’ lawyer claimed the killer was ‘not irredeemably depraved.’ But Lee’s mother Katiuska Paulino called for him to spend the

rest of his life in jail, WCVB reported. She said: ‘We feel that this criminal deserves to spend his life incarcerated so at the very least, it serves to keep him off the streets. ‘He should never have the

opportunity to kill again, to rob another person of their life like he did Lee Manuel, in such a horrible and sad way.’ Borges and Lee were both students at Lawrence High School when Borges killed

Lee. The teenager’s dismembered body was found along the banks of the Merrimack River by a dog walker. His head was found nearby, but Lee’s hands, which had also been chopped off, were

never recovered. An autopsy revealed Lee’s recovered remains had suffered 76 wounds. His body had been so badly defiled the medical examiner was unable to say whether Lee had been slashed

and decapitated before or after he’d been killed. Paying tribute to Lee in a victim impact statement read in court, his mother said: ‘There are no more dreams for the dreamer, the brother, the

writer and the poet that was Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino… ‘He has been the soul of this family since he was born. ‘We are the living dead after he was brutally ripped from our side.’

By Jimmy McCloskey Wednesday 10 Jul 2019 4:53 pm

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